Rawproconcepts® developed by Alan Anderson is a result of years of research and experience feeding both commercial and homemade raw diets to AKC Champion Show Dogs. Product development followed the recommendations provided by the National Institute of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Pet Food Institute, published in the book, Nutrient Requirements Of Dogs And Cats, 2006, by the National Research Council (NRC) Of The National Academies, who are advisors to the Nation on Science, Engineering, and Medicine. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recognizes the NRC as an authority on dog nutrition.

Alan Anderson having spent a career in Naval Aviation transferred a valuable skill-set, understanding, and use of aircraft flight performance tables, to the development of the first ever workbook for formulating a homemade diet. The workbook titled, The Complete Nutrition Workbook for Dogs, provides over 200 pages of tables to manage a custom homemade diet for your dog. All of the tables in the book have been developed using formula variations from calculations-formulas provided by the NRC. A very similar procedure used by the commercial dog food manufacturers, who also use the NRC recommendations within their own computer-assisted formulas for formulation planning.

From the development of diet-formulation-working-tables, Alan Anderson developed an analysis program to evaluate the deficiencies of any diet formulation, provided the nutrient data is available on each ingredient contained in the food formulation. For ALL the ingredients recommended for use in the homemade diet developed by Alan Anderson, complete nutrient data on each and every ingredient is available in detail through a web-based database supported and managed by the United States Department of Agriculture. This nutrient data combined with the working knowledge if ingredient amounts (as recommended by the homemade diet formulation tables) provides for detailed nutrient analysis.

Through matched analysis of at least 4 very cooperative commercial dog food manufacturers, the formulation was adjusted accordingly to provide a perfect nutrient balance for both the homemade diet and the commercial diet. It was through this detailed nutrient analysis and feeding trials over a span of 7 years that the formulation of the Rawproconcepts® was developed.