August 25, 2014—Rawproconcepts®, Inc. introduces a one-of-a-kind advanced supplement program formulated for use with all commercial dog food and homemade diet formulations*.

Using Rawproconcepts® supplements, dog owners, breeders, and handlers are able to correctly supplement nutrient deficiencies of homemade dog food diets and commercial dog food diets, without the missing analysis often presented by other supplement programs.

Unique to the development of the Rawproconcepts® product line, and the foundation of the Program, is the published workbook titled, The Complete Nutrition Workbook for Dogs.

Spending over seven years in the development of the workbook using computer assisted analysis of food ingredient nutrient data provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the nutrient requirements [Recommended Allowance (RA)] for dogs provided by the National Research Council (NRC) of The National Academies, who are advisors to the Nation on Science, Engineering, and Medicine, the Rawproconcepts® master formulations for adult dogs and puppies were developed. These formulations capitalize the science used for canine diet formulation into a premier supplement program of advanced product formulations for all dogs.

The Rawproconcepts® product line is manufactured under the labels Rawpromax™, Rawpromega™, Rawprobial™, and RawproCa:P™.

Rawpromax™ is a Protein, Vitamin, and Mineral supplement, manufactured with a formula variant for adult dogs and a formula variant for puppies; Rawpromega™ is an Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplement manufactured with a formula variant for adult dogs and a formula variant for puppies; Rawprobial™ is a supplement manufactured for adult dogs to support Eye Health, Joint Health, and Digestive Health; and RawproCa:P™ is manufactured for homemade diets only and is considered a “Special Use” supplement for adult dogs and puppies requiring additional Calcium and Phosphorus.

The Rawproconcepts® Program debuts in the United States through E-Commerce Platforms and veterinary clinics.

*Managed care of a licensed veterinarian on all matters relative to the feeding and healthcare of animals takes precedence.

For more information, please visit Rawproconcepts® Premier Canine Supplement Program

Rawpromax™, Rawpromega™, Rawprobial™, and RawproCa:P™ are trademarks of Rawproconcepts®, Inc.

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