Required and Recommended Rawproconcepts® for Puppies  

For Medium to Giant breed puppies only (AGE 2 to 12 months)

Rawpromax™ Puppy, Rawpromega™ Puppy, and RawproCa:P™ completes your nutritional balance plan for your puppy being fed a homemade diet. In addition to Vitamin, Mineral, Protein and essential Omega support, RawproCa:P™ provides the calcium and phosphorus required for puppies being fed a homemade diet.

There is NO Calcium or Phosphorus in either Rawpromax™ Puppy or Rawpromega™ Puppy to allow for use of these products with commercial puppy food. RawproCa:P™ is not intended for use with commercial puppy food, and should not be given to puppies being fed a commercial dog food program unless the analysis amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus contained in the feeding program (food + supplements) proves to be insufficient for the life stage of the animal.

Homemade and Commercial Requirements Table for Puppies

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